Bioluminescence Tours, Manatee / Dolphin Kayaking and SpaceX - Nasa Rocket Launch viewing in Orlando area​​​​​​​

#1 Bioluminescence Adventure in Florida!

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Florida Adventurer

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$50 | 90 Minutes

Discover a whole new world! May – November is the best time to see Bioluminescent Algae! Located just 45 minutes from Universal Studios and Walt Disney World, your magical Florida Bioluminescence experience awaits!

Tour Duration: 90 Mins
Launch Site: Haulover canal, Titusville

$40 | 90 Minutes

Experience a Kayak adventure like never before! As our most interactive wildlife tour, you are sure to make memories with your family to last a lifetime!

Tour Duration: 90 Mins
Launch Site: Haulover canal, Titusville

$75 | 180 Minutes

Imagine experiencing breathtaking wildlife at the peak of sunset with your loved ones! Join us on This Year Round Sunset and Birding Kayak Tour for a Florida Adventure!

Tour duration is 90 mins
Tour departs from N Haulover Canal, Titusville FL.

$50 | 90 Minutes

November Starts Comb-Jelly season and May Ends It! Take the opportunity to experience life with Comb-Jellies!

Tour duration is 90 minutes
Tour departs from ​​​​​​​N Haulover Canal, Titusville FL.

Our Kayaks

Our 2 person tandem kayaks are brand new as of 2017 and annually updated! We also supply a 2 sided paddle because, well, you probably wouldn't get far without it!


Our Locations

We meet at Kiwanis Island Park in Merritt Island, and Haulover Canal at Merrit Island Wildlife Refugee for the beginning and end of our tours. Specifics are given upon scheduling.


Our Tours

  • 1 1/2 hours of water time average
  • Kayaks, PFD, Whistle + Flashlight included
  • Professional Florida Adventure Guides
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  • Alcohol Prohibited
  • Illegal Substances Prohibited
  • Must be 5+ Years Old To Attend
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Our Supplies

Each person is equipped with a Coast Guard Approved Life Vest, Whistle + Flashlight at the beginning of the tour for the safest possible experience!

first aid

First Aid

Florida Adventurer guides are trained, 1st responders. Each guide is CPR and 1st Aid certified to act in a deliberate and proficient manner in the event of an emergency. Each Tour leader is equipped with a 2-way ship to shore radio in the event emergency services are required. Your safety is paramount.

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Payment due at time of scheduling via Credit Card. Refund Policy: See refund policy here.


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