Important Information

  • WHAT HAPPENS IF IT'S RAINING? – Welcome to Florida lol, Weather rarely cancels a tour. Florida weather blows over pretty quick, chances are it will clear up by the time your tour starts. We may decide to give it a bit to pass if it is needed. Lightning, or high winds, we will re-schedule all guests to the very next tour available, or at a convenient time for you. All rainchecks are valid for 1 year.

  • TANDEM KAYAKS: We have a limited number of kayaks we can launch at one time. So, we use 2 person tandem kayaks in order to get all of our guests out to experience the tours they signed up for. We book a max of 10 boats at a time as opposed to other companies that will put 30 tandems out per group. You can not sneak up on wildlife in a group of 60 people, just not gonna happen. Be sure to ask your outfitter prior to booking.

  • WHAT ABOUT THE KIDDOS? Per our insurance, the minimum age requirement is 5 years old. We're pretty strict on this, safety first. Each tandem kayak can technically seat 2 adults and 1 small child comfortably. Price is per person regardless of age, or number in a kayak. We ask you to consider the experience of our other guests and to only book children who can sit thru a 90 min tour.

  • WHAT ABOUT DOGS? Dogs are only invited to enjoy day tours as long as they are an experienced paddler and will not hold the tour up. We will ask you to book a private tour if it would be your animals 1 st time on the water.

  • ARE WE CLOSE TO DISNEY AND AREA ATTRACTIONS? We are 45 mins due east of Orlando and surrounding attractions. We have a directions tab at the top of this page, click either launch location to see exactly how far away you are from us

  • ​​​​​​​Please bring mosquito spray, as the Mosquito lagoon has been aptly named!